Draft System Installation

We design and execute your vision for draft beverage, within your financial parameters and completed in a timely manner. VINKEG is a trusted partner with the country's leading suppliers of draft dispensing hardware and refrigeration equipment including Micro Matic, Nordic and Beverage-Air. Years of experience engineering and installing dispensing systems has positioned us to meet the demands for wine, beer, cider, spirits, and coffee draft programs.

Please call or send us an email to discuss your draft beverage installation.

Draft Equipment & Repair

We stock an extensive inventory of parts to get your system up and pouring expeditiously.



FINN TOWN, San Francisco

Remote system supplying craft cocktails, white & red wines at the optimum temperature.


The system designed to distribute twelve wines through 300 ft. of trunkline to four multi-level bars.

SCOMA'S, San Francisco

Remote draught system engineered to supply eight white and eight red selections to each bar at the optimum serving temperature.